UPDATED FRIDAY NIGHT: Two Sisters Die, Police Investigate Possibility of Tainted Drugs


Two sisters were found dead in two separate locations Friday morning, causing police to question if the cases are drug-related and if there may be tainted drugs on the streets.

EMS, police and the coroner’s officer were called to Hurt Street in the early morning hours. Marilyn Eason, 52, was pronounced dead at 2:57 a.m.

Eason’s father, who lives on Hutchison Loy Road, was contacted by a family member about her death and went to tell another daughter, Eunice Gail “Peaches” Gaskin, who lived with him.

He found her unresponsive on the floor and called 911. Gaskin, 48, was pronounced dead at 4:48 a.m.

Coroner Todd Akin said autopsies will be conducted and a preliminary cause of death could be available Monday. A toxicology report will take several weeks, however.

Deputy Sheriff Adam Cravens said the sheriff’s department and city police are working together on the case with concerns that the deaths could have resulted from tainted drugs.

Based on the sisters’ past history and the way their bodies were found, Cravens said he and city officer Gary Roy are conducting an investigation. The sisters were together at some point Thursday, Cravens said.

Police cannot rule out that the women took some “bad drugs,” Cravens said. They are focusing on where any drugs may have come from and if there is reason to be concerned about deadly street drugs.

UPDATE: City Police Information Officer Josh Brockman said Friday night they are also investigating a possibility that the two women had a suicide pact. They had reportedly been distraught over the loss of their mother, Mary Houk, who died June 26.

If anyone has any information that will assist with the case they are urged to call local law enforcement or 911.